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Strawberry Dart Frog


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Care Sheets

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Grange Reptiles

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South Coast Dart Frogs always maintains an extensive selection of live foods for all your amphibian needs. If you have any special requirements, or want to buy in bulk, please don't hesitate to ask!


Extra Large £2 per tub
Large £2 per tub
Medium £2 per tub
Small £2 per tub
Hatchling £2 per tub

Silent Crickets

Large £2 per tub
Medium £2 per tub

Brown Banded Crickets

Hatchling £2 per tub
1st Stage £2 per tub
2nd Stage £2 per tub
3rd Stage £2 per tub
4th Stage £2 per tub
Standard £2 per tub

Mealworms £2 per tub

Mini Mealworms £2 per tub

Giant Morio Worms £2 per tub

Morio Worms £2 per tub

Fruit Beetle Grubs £2 per tub

Waxworms £2 per tub

Fruit Fly Culture

Large £4.99 per tub
Small £2.99 per tub

Springtails £2.99 per tub

Woodlice £2.99 per tub

Featured Frogs...

Dyeing Dart Frog 'Chazuta'

Ranitomeya fantastica


Bumblebee Dart Frog (Banded)

Dendrobates tinctorius


Splashback Dart Frog 'Blue'

Adelphobates galactanotus